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Office hoteling software & occupancy tracking by Yardi

Track occupancy metrics, enable desk hoteling and enhance your employees’ experience

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Streamline employee communication

With the changing office landscape, employers and employees worldwide are planning for flexible workplace arrangements. Being directly responsible for managing the health and safety of your employees and their workplace arrangement, you can now ensure that a return to the office post-COVID is something your staff feels comfortable doing. Keep them up to date with any news or information with plenty of ways to communicate and interactive chat features featuring real-time collaboration, as well as easily conduct surveys.

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Desk hoteling software and real-time occupancy insights

Plan your space utilization to ensure optimal occupancy metrics, compliance, and risks to understand how to better optimize the workplace. Whether it is planning the immediate needs of employees’ re-entry or the future needs of flexible workplaces, the office hoteling software helps you support hybrid work with flexible schedules and optimize your office space needs. Book desks ad-hoc or in advance. You can now easily track and analyze attendance trends, building, floor, and room usage, determine & measure performance against KPIs. Optimizing for desk sharing and tracking in-office attendance allows you to make the most cost-effective decisions for your workplace.

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Enhance employee experience

The occupancy management software enables desk hoteling in your office space by providing an easy-to-use mobile solution for employees. Your employees can use this mobile app to easily book a desk and check-in. Ensure access to all the amenities and facilities needed for a safe, efficient, and comfortable workplace for your employees. The office space booking software also features in-app live communication and resources meant to facilitate employees’ return to the workplace.

Corom Occupancy Management software is built on Yardi’s deep industry knowledge of the real estate industry

Yardi Corom is a smart, integrated solution for hybrid workplace management and office hot desking, tailored for commercial tenants and occupiers. It is built on the industry’s most powerful real estate platform, with 4 decades of real estate software experience behind it and backed by 10,000+ customers. Corom helps office management track workspace occupancy metrics and provides a flexible desk reservation system that employees can access using a mobile app.

The mobile desk booking app is easy to use, flexible, collaborative, and intuitive, while providing the necessary tools for efficiently managing a safe workplace for employers and employees. Find more reasons to partner with us below:

  • 37+ years of real estate focused solutions
  • 100% client-focused and customer-driven approach
  • Trusted by 10,000+ organizations globally to deliver and host business-critical SaaS solutions
  • The workplace management platform is scalable to any size business, from a single location to a global enterprise
  • Collaborate with all internal and external stakeholders via solutions, thus improving transparency & avoiding data and information silos
  • Enhance employee experience and enable a flexible workplace with easy-to-use desk sharing software
  • Built your office floor map in the desk management software, allow employees to check real-time desk availability and reserve their preferred table.

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