How Technology Helps You Keep Your Workplace Safe in 2021


Over the past years, technology has been at the forefront, helping businesses to streamline work processes and significantly reduce wastage of time and resources. It also helped employees to focus on their respective skills and tasks. Over the past year and a half, the pandemic acted as a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of technology solutions, which further improve workplace productivity, employee safety and health. 

If you are looking to keep up with the emerging technologies to maximize workplace safety, read on to learn about some of the best solutions available today. 

Occupancy Management Software

Offices, at any given time, are the best place for team collaborations and innovations, which are a necessity for any company to succeed. Thus, businesses would need to optimize the workplace, keeping health and safety as the priority. 

An occupancy management software, with its range of analytics features, will help you better understand how space is utilized and how to optimize it for maximum use. For example, the software will give data about attendance trends, how many desks are needed, floor usage and even how long a meeting room is required for, among others. Accordingly, better decisions can be taken to optimize space utilization. Socially distant workplace floor or seating arrangements plans can be made using the data retrieved from the occupancy management software.

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Touch-less Technology

Touch-less technology is becoming popular at workplaces today as it minimizes the spread of any kind of pathogens. Automation of entry and exit points, QR-code-based attendance and automatic soap dispensers and faucets will limit human touchpoints and reduce the spread of germs. Post Covid-19, the workplace will necessitate the use of such technologies to boost workplace safety.

Health and Hygiene Monitoring

Workplace safety can be maximized by using software, which enables the evaluation of the existing risks and potentially dangerous touchpoints. For example, bathrooms and conference rooms are frequently used by a large number of people. Thus, it’s important to keep track of whether appropriate cleaning and sanitizing measures are regularly taken.

Employee Communication

Employee re-entry is a big challenge for companies. Those apprehensive about workplace safety will find it difficult to work with other team members. In such cases, occupancy software management will help with communication options like interactive chat, real-time collaboration and health surveys. It will provide visibility, help in limiting occupancy and scheduling meeting spaces or shared rooms in advance. 

Desk Hoteling 

Desk hoteling is one of the best ways to help employees to choose a safe place for themselves to work. An easy-to-use mobile solution to book a desk and check-in at any given time, access to amenities and facilities will enable a safe and comfortable work environment for employees. In-app live communication will further ease the process. 

According to studies, a significant number of employees and executives prefer a reduction in real estate footprint while still expecting a collaborative environment. Companies across the world are adopting flexible and hybrid work schedules, desk hoteling in their offices and are optimizing spaces for desk sharing in this new normal, to improve productivity.

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