Simplify preventive maintenance and work order management

Automate service requests, extend equipment health and streamline inspections with Yardi Facility Manager


Get management level oversight and improve maintenance across your equipment and real estate leases. Eliminate paperwork and manual data entry. Run preventive maintenance, track work order requests and scheduling. Seamlessly integrate Facility Manager with all locations and leases in your Lease Management portal.


Mobilize your workforce

Connect property maintenance teams, vendors and managers on a single platform with a mobile app to complete service requests, inspections and preventive maintenance tasks. Easy to follow workflows and templates capture every important detail.


Automate scheduling

Eliminate manual intervention and automate property and equipment maintenance functions. Save time and increase scheduling efficiency with auto-assign based on custom rules and workflows. Save money by scheduling recurring equipment inspections that improve upkeep and reduce down time.


Integrate with Yardi Pulse & VendorCafe

Auto-generate equipment work orders and service requests by connecting with Pulse Fault Detection. Enable vendors to manage bidding and estimates, streamline communications and automatically respond to service requests.

What clients are saying

"We are passionate about growth, and we value that Yardi Corom is simple to use and not only gives us comprehensive insight into all our leases and locations, including lease abstractions, but also is customizable to meet the demands of franchise operators."


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