Lease Accounting Software For Facts and Number Seekers

A comprehensive cloud-based lease accounting software for the FASB ASC 842, IASB IFRS 16 and GASB 87 standards.

Tailored for CRE occupiers, built for lease compliance

End-to-end integrated solution

Manage equipment and real estate leases within a sub-ledger or use Yardi Corom as a GL for your portfolio. With a simple setup and a lot of flexibility, you can create and port journal entries within the system, record & track all the financial activities, or send the information to the core accounting platforms, book activities there and bring back information as you need it.

Smart notifications and workflows

Automatically generate reminders for your finance team to stay on top of payment activities. Easily generate landlord reports, intimation letters as a part of the workflow and email to relevant stakeholders automatically, when you need to. Generate lease abstracts automatically through the transaction management workflow of the software to reduce errors and data risks. 

Accurate and comprehensive reports

Configure as you see fit and report via comprehensive and customizable reporting functions. Become ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliant, minimize audit risk and share critical data with your team. Yardi Corom’s lessee accounting reporting suite includes the most common reports required by accounting teams reporting on corporate lease portfolios.

Experience meets accuracy

Yardi Corom lease accounting software is designed to meet the needs of the corporate occupiers and their real estate & accounting teams, irrespective of the size of their portfolio. Yardi Corom is tailored for lessees reporting finance and operating leases under FASB ASC 842 & IFRS 16 accounting standards. With 4 decades of experience in providing accounting software to the real estate industry, Yardi’s expertise and deep knowledge of FASB and IFRS standards are reflected in the advanced features, quality, and user interface of Corom lease accounting.

Flexible and automated

Automate the FASB accounting calculations by using our lease accounting software, which are otherwise very tedious and error-prone. Yardi Corom provides the accuracy, financial compliance and peace of mind that Excel or other generic accounting software cannot. Automatically handle various lease events and milestones like expansion, contraction, renewals, terminations, blend & extend, etc. and their impact on financial calculations with ease.


Features that work for organizations of any size

View financial information alongside lease administration workflows to connect the dots. Create disclosure reports automatically and within seconds across asset type or portfolio. Support for multi-currency and global metrics makes it truly enterprise-grade. With a built-in lease classification engine, scenario modeling capabilities via different discount rates, periods, landlord incentives & impairment provisions enable the accounting teams to calculate and report with confidence.

What makes Yardi Corom the best lease accounting software for ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance?

Yardi Corom Lease Management is built on top of real estate accounting software and ticks off necessary features like flexibility, audit-ready compliance, comprehensive reporting and a deep accounting software experience.
With 10,000+ clients served, 45+ offices across the world, Yardi is well known to deliver innovative and user-friendly software solutions for real estate occupiers and lease accounting standards compliance. Find more reasons to partner with us below:

  • 37+ years of real estate focused solutions
  • 100% client-focused and customer-driven approach
  • Trusted by 10,000+ organizations globally to deliver and host business-critical SaaS solutions
  • Fresh, intuitive and simple UI
  • Collaborate with all internal and external stakeholders via solutions, thus improving transparency & avoiding data and information silos
  • Secure, intuitive, and automated features allow you and your team to be more productive and save time

What clients are saying

"We are passionate about growth, and we value that Yardi Corom is simple to use and not only gives us comprehensive insight into all our leases and locations, including lease abstractions, but also is customizable to meet the demands of franchise operators."


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Lease accounting software is a tool that helps lessees manage the financial and reporting aspects of their leased assets. The lease accounting software centralizes critical information about lease contracts such as rent, critical dates, payment frequency, discount rates and performs the calculations to generate journal entries needed for the balance sheet, income and cash flow statement, and disclosure reports.