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Corporate Lease Management Software by Yardi

Manage Your Lease Portfolio End-To-End

An intuitive and automated lease management system providing you with actionable portfolio insights. Power your real estate lease management practices and simplify operational and system changes to comply with the new ASC 842 and IFRS 16 lease accounting standards. Centralize lease details, contacts & documents, automate critical date tracking, surface insights about your portfolio to optimize it and more.


Easy discovery of contacts, documents, and lease terms

Storing, accessing, and managing lease information manually, is a tedious task. There is now a logical way to search, access and track critical lease data across single or multiple organizational units and asset types: banking, restaurants, grocery chain, office, or healthcare. Yardi Corom is designed to help you store all the contacts and documents related to the leases, units, properties, landlords, or any aspect of your lease portfolio in one central and contextual location.

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Actionable portfolio insights

Corom Lease Management software enables you to use the raw data available and turn it into actionable insights to save costs, reduce risk, and help influence revenue. Calculate your total tenancy cost, know your risk exposure, understand your real estate optimization opportunities and act on them with confidence.

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Lease management and tracking software designed for global portfolios

Gain complete control and insights into your lease portfolio with built-in reports, global area metrics, date and multi-currency support. Pick your view and analyze the lease portfolio, however you see fit. The support data helps you make better strategic decisions.

What makes Yardi Corom the best lease management software?

Yardi Corom Lease Management is a smart choice for accounting pros as it ticks off necessary features like ease of use, management, tracking and reporting of lease data and boosts operational efficiency. It gives you a unique opportunity to analyze data, identify opportunities for saving costs and avoiding risks.

With 10,000+ clients served, 45+ offices across the world, Yardi is well known to deliver innovative and user-friendly software solutions.

  • 37+ years of real estate focused solutions
  • 24/7 best-in-class customer support
  • Centralize commercial real estate and equipment leases in one place
  • Manage lease tracking, critical dates and comply with FASB/IFRS reporting requirements
  • Trusted by 10,000+ organizations globally to deliver and host business-critical SaaS solutions
  • Secure, intuitive and automated features allow you to be more productive and save time.

Simple user interface

The simple, easy-to-use interface of Yardi Corom enables you to analyze, track, and manage all your real estate and equipment lease portfolios without any hassles. All of your important lease data and related insights are just a few clicks away with dashboards and tailored reports.

Automate workflows

The automated workflows add an extra dimension by providing you details about amendments or changes in rents, cost centers, task allocation, and much more. Missing a critical date or a milestone can be expensive. Easily track renewals, terminations, and other custom-defined events associated with your lease portfolio without ever missing one.

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Share reports

Configure dashboards as you see fit and report via comprehensive and customizable reporting functions. Share critical data with your team and build a better strategy. Define powerful workflows, centralize, and sanitize your lease data all while keeping your leasing teams in the loop without additional efforts.

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Get answers to your questions about Yardi lease management software.

What are the core features of this Lease Management software?

Lease Tracking and Management, Transaction Management and FASB ASC 842 / IFRS 16 compliant Lease Accounting.

How is this lease management solution different?

Every solution claims to be end-to-end, we are not just that but also the simplest to use. Give us a shot and lets have a conversation.

What are the key highlights of this Lease Management software?

Automated and Actionable insights – you do not have to run 100s of reports now, Intuitive User Interface – tailored for leasing and accounting teams and right balance of configurability & ease of use. Along with real estate leases, it also helps manage equipment leases.

What are some of the key challenges that your clients are solving via this Lease Management software?

Centralizing key lease terms, automating the notifications and reminders for upcoming critical dates and generating quick actionable insights that influence the real estate strategy and capturing custom business data and attributes to further slice and dice the portfolio views easily – no need to download and massage data in excel anymore now.

How do you price your solution as compared to other lease management software out there?

Please connect with us and we can discuss this in details with no pressure at all.