Real Estate Transaction Management Software for Planners

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Real Estate Transaction Management Software by Yardi

Be Always In The Know

Get complete visibility into every real estate transaction and manage them all from one convenient dashboard. Actionable insights generated for your deal pipeline keep you abreast of the trends and help mitigate risks. Yardi Corom provides powerful deal management capabilities with an easy-to-use, mobile solution.

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Collaborative workflows

As a leader responsible for the corporate real estate of your organization, you can now go from having a requirement to closing the transaction in a streamlined, easy, and collaborative process. Collaborate with internal stakeholders and external brokers seamlessly while centralizing all the important details. No more chasing down the excels, PDFs, phone calls, emails, and memory. Yardi Corom streamlines all your transactions and automates your workflows.

Proposal tracking

Track all the proposals and related terms from day 1. No more sifting through PDFs or Excels. Create counters with one button click and rely on the audit trail to know what, when and who changed it. The deal management software allows you to compare the deal terms and make the right decision.

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Keep all stakeholders on the same page

Centralize all your data in one location. Use custom tags, task lists, and workflows to keep all team members and management up to date with the deal pipeline. Automated alerts, reminders, notifications, and milestone graphs make it easy to stay on top of the critical path items in your transaction life cycle. Keep your lease admin team in the loop on transactions without any additional report generation and sharing.

What makes Corom Lease Management the best real estate transaction management software?

Corom Transaction Management by Yardi is designed to streamline the deal-making process for the leased portfolio and provides you with flexibility, collaboration tools and a fresh, intuitive UI.

With 10,000+ clients served, 45+ offices across the world, Yardi is well known to deliver innovative and user-friendly software solutions for commercial and corporate real estate. Corom is a comprehensive workplace management solution tailored for commercial tenants providing a single platform lease management, lease accounting and desk hoteling for flexible workplaces.

  • Four decades of real estate software experience
  • 100% client-focused and customer-driven approach
  • Trusted by 10,000+ organizations globally to deliver and host business-critical SaaS solutions
  • A single connected platform for all your corporate spaces
  • Collaborate with all internal and external stakeholders via solutions, thus improving transparency & avoiding data and information silos.
  • Secure, intuitive, and automated features allow you to be more productive and save time

Smart document management

Upload and store all your documents and files related to the transaction in one place. Open and edit the documents in the browser without requiring a download to the local computer. The transaction management software helps further digitize your transaction life cycle while increasing the efficiency of the overall process.

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Insightful Reports

Corom Transaction Management software comes bundled with reports that help derive business insights very easily. You can also build your reports and dashboards with our custom reporting solution, as you see fit.

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