The future of work embraces flexibility as a hybrid module has become a popular alternative for companies pushing towards a return to the office. Many companies are not ready to fully give up remote work, and they don’t have to. The hybrid module allows employees to choose when they want to work from the office and when they want to work from home, without forcing them to have a pre-determined schedule. To facilitate employees’ flexible schedules, many companies are embracing desk hoteling. Allowing users to book a desk or conference room before coming into the office gives them the opportunity to choose which workspace and what day works best for them and ensures they have the resources necessary to be productive. Following are five ways to ensure that desk hoteling is successful in your workplace.

Define Desk Hoteling

While employees know what to expect from their home offices, they may not have such a clear idea of what to expect when returning to the workplace. And as desk hoteling is still a relatively new solution, making sure that your employees know what it is and how it works is extremely important. When using desk hoteling software, like the one provided by Yardi Corom, train employees on how to book a space, cancel a reservation, check into the building using the mobile app and communicate with each other. Furthermore, make sure to underline the benefits of such a solution, for both the employees and the company, and what they can expect when arriving at the workplace.

Also, to ensure a safe, productive and comfortable work environment for all, make sure to inform your employees of the appropriate behavior and best practices while using the workspace. This guarantees that users are informed and more likely to take advantage of desk hoteling.

Centralize Management

Having an automated system for desk hoteling ensures that the entire process, from booking to checking in and out of the office, is facilitated and efficient. With the help of desk hoteling software, users can access real-time desk bookings, change or cancel reservations, receive news and updates about the workplace and communicate with office staff and fellow employees. Additionally, employers can receive information about how the space is being used, revise the workspace arrangement and conduct surveys. This allows facility managers to best manage the workplace and the desk hoteling system.  

Track Occupancy and Utilization

To best evaluate the success of desk hoteling, tracking occupancy and utilization is key. Having this information allows employers to measure demand, occupancy rates, booking duration, location popularity and which users book a space. All this information optimizes space use and management, reducing costs and ensuring that desk hoteling is profitable. Facility managers can also use this information to ensure the office remains a safe and comfortable environment. Additionally, tracking utilization enables employers to conduct COVID-19 contact tracing if necessary.

Diversify Desk Stations

Making desk hoteling attractive to as many employees possible means providing diversity within the workplace. Users have varying needs and being able to address as many as possible is key to a successful and profitable system. A few aspects to consider when optimizing your space for flexibility: regular and standing desks, proximity to natural light, small and large conference rooms, a variety of A/V capabilities, lounge areas and extended hours to ensure both early birds and night owls have the same opportunity to come in and get their work done. Provide your employees with as many space booking options as possible to ensure that regardless of their individual needs, they can be comfortable and productive when working in the office.

Provide Safety and High-End Technology

For desk hoteling to be successful, it’s important to ensure that you take the necessary measures to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Make sure desktops are always cleaned after being used, that sanitizing stations are present within the office and that employees practice social distancing. Also, investing in deep-cleaning services is important to eliminate the risk of spreading diseases within the workplace. 

Investing in an HVAC system that maintains high air quality and touchless technology that prevents unnecessary surface contact can be extremely beneficial in keeping the workplace safe and healthy. Desk hoteling software eliminates contact between employees and office staff when checking in and out of the building and touchless elevator access reduces the need for staff to touch the same heavily used surface.

Desk hoteling is a great solution to be implemented in offices, as it allows for hybrid work to be a possibility. With the flexibility expected in the future of work, employees will require many resources, amenities and facilities when returning to the office and companies will have to deliver if they want to make this initiative possible. With the help of desk hoteling software, or occupancy management software, like the one provided by Yardi Corom, not only can employees safely and efficiently return to the office on their own terms, but commercial tenants can make the most of their spaces and use them efficiently and profitably.

Yardi Corom is a simple and comprehensive accounting, lease and workplace management solution for CRE tenants. Our cloud-based software solution increases efficiency and accuracy across your entire lease portfolio: manage leases and subleases, track key lease data, centralize transactions and become FASB/GASB/IFRS compliant. To learn more, you can visit our website or schedule a meeting with our team.

Sanziana Bona

Sanziana Bona is a content marketing writer for Yardi Corom, a cloud-based software solution designed for commercial tenants and corporate occupiers and Yardi Kube, an all-in-one coworking management platform. She covers many commercial real estate related topics including FASB/IFRS compliance, lease accounting, coworking and flexile spaces, and more. You can connect with Sanziana via email.

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