As employees are making their return to the office, workplaces need to take into consideration all the ways through which to facilitate their re-entry. With a focus on hybrid work, flexible schedules and an optimized office space, an office hoteling software may prove to be the best and most beneficial approach.

Office hoteling is very similar to the way booking a room in a hotel works. An employee can pre-book a space or a conference room and simply receive access to it the moment they check-in to the workplace. This allows for an equal reservation process for every employee and by using an office hoteling software, it’s easier to keep a standardized record of all desk assignments.

This way, employees are allowed to have their own approach to returning to the office, ensuring a safe, productive and comfortable transition. Here are some of the ways office hoteling is beneficial for employee re-entry.

Hybrid Work Challenges

While many employees are eager to return to the office, there are still many that don’t want to give up work from home completely. Fortunately, office hoteling allows for employees to keep working from home while choosing to work the office on certain days. The reason being they can easily use the office hoteling software provided by their company to access the seating map of the workplace and reserve the desk they want to use for the day they need it. This allows them to embrace both working environments exactly when they want to, without needing to have a pre-determined work schedule. Although different than the traditional work behavior, hybrid arrangements are becoming more popular as they provide employees with a more gradual shift back to work from the office.


While a fixed work schedule may have once been a productive approach to getting work done, nowadays people have developed their own work schedules that work best for them. While some older generations may be more productive by following a fixed work schedule, younger generations are showing a preference towards flexibility, allowing them to start work at different hours that are more convenient and that may differ from day to day. Furthermore, with a hybrid arrangement in place, having the flexibility to select which days to work from the office and which from home is something that can be extremely productive for employees.

And office hoteling is the solution to all this, as it allows employees to easily select what days they need to use a desk in the workplace, without forcing them to come in by a certain hour. They just reserve the space, and the rest is taken care of whenever they check in.

Networking Opportunities

After a year of working from home, interacting with people is very much something people look to do in the workplace. Office hoteling, given the way it allows employees to work from various locations and different desk areas each time they decide to work from an office, allows them to easily interact and collaborate with other members. From sitting next to new people every day to interacting in the shared areas, employees can take advantage of the available resources and make the most of their time in the office to not only be productive but make connections.

Occupancy Optimization

Aside from the fact that your employees can take advantage of making their own work from office schedules and pick their own workstations, how office hoteling looks in the actual workplace is also important. Since it’s probable that not all your employees will be working from the office on the same days, filling the workplace will be almost impossible if they are all to keep their own desks. Fortunately, office hoteling allows for those that choose to come to the office on a given day to pick a desk in an area where other employees have also picked seats. Also, it allows you to put certain areas off-limits for reservation to allows the employees that do come to the office to be in somewhat the same area, which in turn lets you optimize your space and reduces the overall utility costs for the workplace. With employees making their way back to work, you want to ensure that you provide them with a safe, comfortable and productive environment to allow them to feel content and satisfied with the decision to embrace work from the office. Not only does this ensure employee satisfaction, but it also allows you to achieve productivity and cost-efficiency.

For more information on how occupancy management software can help with employee re-entry, check out Yardi Corom, a simple yet comprehensive solution that enables you to track occupancy metrics, enable desk hoteling in your workplace and enhance your employees’ experience.

Sanziana Bona

Sanziana Bona is a content marketing writer for Yardi Corom, a cloud-based software solution designed for commercial tenants and corporate occupiers and Yardi Kube, an all-in-one coworking management platform. She covers many commercial real estate related topics including FASB/IFRS compliance, lease accounting, coworking and flexile spaces, and more. You can connect with Sanziana via email.

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