With returning to the office being something in the works or planned for the near future, keeping track of occupancy levels is extremely important for ensuring workplaces provide employees with an adequate, flexible, safe and productive environment. For this reason, occupancy analytics may be the best solution for gaining information related to occupants’ location while in the workplace to best understand what features and amenities you may need to improve, directly from your employees. As COVID-19 still poses an imminent threat for people, employers are expected to manage the health and safety of their employees to ensure a comfortable return to the office.

However, aside from helping improve the employee experience, occupancy analytics are beneficial for facility management and the cost-effectiveness of your workplace. Read below to find out more about the top 5 benefits of occupancy analytics for workplaces.

Real-Time Occupancy Data

Knowing what is happening in your workplace right as it is happening is essential in managing it properly. Reason being that not only can make decisions in that specific moment that may directly impact the wellbeing of your employees, but you can also use it to draw concrete conclusions about how your space is being used. This allows you to make the best decisions when it comes to improving your space by applying strategies based on data received directly from your workplace and your employees. Also, having all the information stored in an occupancy management software gives you easy access to all of the recorded data at all times.

Space Optimization

Knowing how to optimize your space is an essential step in determining how many employees you can have in the workplace, which areas to use and, essentially, being cost-effective. With occupancy analytics, you can gain direct insight into which areas are frequented most by your employees, the times when they are used and what amenities are more useful. All these aspects are relevant in optimizing your workplace to offer your employees exactly what they need for a productive and comfortable environment.

Also, given the increased interest in employee re-entry, the office hoteling software allows you to give your employees the benefit of having a flexible schedule and the chance to reserve a desk either ahead of time or ad-hoc. With information regarding attendance, the usage of desks, rooms, areas or even floors, you can have the necessary understanding of how to optimize your workplace by making the most cost-effective strategies.

Improved Employee Experience

Employee experience is more than likely to have a direct impact on employee productivity. It’s for this reason that striving to provide your employees with the best employee experience is key. Occupancy analytics works to achieve an occupant-centric, productive workplace by using real-time data to provide employees with all the resources and amenities they need to successfully and timely do their work. From showing them the available conference rooms to allowing them to personally reserve their workstations, to having touchless check-ins and outs of the workplace, being able to do all this within an occupancy management software enables your company to in turn be productive and successful.

Also, allowing for in-app communication and resources is a great way to keep your employees informed of news regarding the workplace, which is necessary for providing them with a safe and efficient workplace.

Health and Safety

Implementing social distancing measures in the workplace is essential for ensuring employees’ health, safety and comfort upon returning to the office. By keeping track of the occupancy levels, you know exactly when the maximum limit that still ensures the safety of your employees is met, allowing to prevent more of them from being in the workplace at the same time. Also, you have access to where your employees are seated, what conference rooms they accessed, as well as attendance trends, which are all important to have in case of a positive COVID-19 member.

Furthermore, by knowing where your employees are seated and how many there are, you can properly act in case of an emergency, such as a fire. Not only can you notify your employees, but you can also provide them with the necessary information regarding safety exits and evacuation plans.

Reduce Workplace Costs

Space optimization is one of the ways you can reduce costs in your workplace by using occupancy analytics. You know exactly how much of your space and which areas are being used so that you can better optimize the remaining areas to be more cost-effective.

One of the others is tracking the received data regarding area usage to save on energy costs. By automating certain facilities in your workplace, you can turn on air conditioning, heat, occupancy-based lighting and even fresh air flow based on whether employees are using a certain area or not, eliminating the need for these facilities to run at all times. Whether it’s planning for a soon return to the office or future changes to your workplace, occupancy analytics is the solution to making the best decisions about optimizing your space and providing your employees with the safe, productive and efficient work environment they require. For more information about the Yardi Corom Occupancy Management software and how it can help your business, click here for a free demo.

Sanziana Bona

Sanziana Bona is a content marketing writer for Yardi Corom, a cloud-based software solution designed for commercial tenants and corporate occupiers and Yardi Kube, an all-in-one coworking management platform. She covers many commercial real estate related topics including FASB/IFRS compliance, lease accounting, coworking and flexile spaces, and more. You can connect with Sanziana via email.

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